Healthy Snack – Blue Corn Orange Hot

Kitchen Magician

We’ve all been there. We arrive at someones house on short notice and they feel compelled to feed us. So, they pull together some kitchen magic and concoct something delicious. Well, that can be you or maybe you have been that food magician. This healthy snack will add to your bag of tricks.

Health Snack Recipe – Blue Corn Orange Hot

We don’t really have a name for this snack so let’s call it by its ingredients, blue corn chips, oranges, and hot sauce so – blue corn orange hot. Voila!

Ingredients You Probably Already Have

Seriously, this snack is even more mouthwatering than its appearance and it is easily put together in only a few minutes with ingredient most kitchens already have on hand. What you’ll need:

  • Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
  • Fresh Organic Valencia Oranges
  • Citrus-infused Hot Sauce from Simpatico Foods

Quick and Easy to Make Healthy Snack

Lay out your chips. Cut orange into segments. Peel each segment and further cut down into halves or thirds depending upon the size of your chips. Dot with hot sauce and let sit for 10 minutes. By waiting 10 minutes you’ll find that the chips soften under the juice of the orange. That will give you a part crunchy and part soft snack that will have your guests intrigued and asking for more.


Of course you can make do with any chips, oranges and hot sauce. We are partial to clean label organic, GMO free products. That’s how we make our sauces and those are the types of ingredients we seek to feed ourselves, our families and friends.

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