Leftovers in Lettuce Boats – Try it With Your Next Meal

Lettuce Boat Leftovers

Lettuce boats topped with leftovers are fulfilling as a snack or mini meal. This snack or quick meal is especially relevant in spring and summer. It seems there is an abundance of events and gatherings that have food and where there is food there is a good chance of leftovers.

Benefits of Using Leftovers

Turn that extra food into something more before it becomes a “back of the refrigerator” science experiment. Give food a second chance to satisfy palates, your own as well as your guests. Using leftovers has other benefits, too, including:

  • Stretching your food budget
  • Reducing food waste
  • Satisfying cravings with healthy alternatives
  • Pleasing guests on short notice
  • Speeding meal preparation

Ingredients Needed

  • Leftovers of course – you didn’t miss that did you?
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Sauce (we prefer our own Original or Citrus-Infused Hot Sauce from Simpatico Foods; use whatever you have on hand)

Top romaine with grilled veggies, fish, chicken, pork, shrimp, beef, rice, salad of any sort, and really any food you have on hand to make this quick meal.

What to Do

1) Clean and prepare your romaine lettuce (pat dry)
2) Line lettuce with sauce (this helps your topping stay on the lettuce boat)
3) Top the sauce with your leftovers

Leftovers on Purpose

Use extra food you have on hand or with a little forethought you can prepare a little extra anything to include in lettuce boats, later. The vegetable medley shown in the picture originally accompanied a meal with pork ribs. We purposefully cooked more veggies to enjoy with additional meals.

This dish tastes delicious and presents well to any guests who may drop in unexpectedly.

Enliven Tired Food

With sauces from Simpatico Foods you can make that extra food, previously destined to be forgotten, even more exciting and your mouth and guests happy.

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